Severe Weather Arrangements

(1) When tropical cyclones, continuous heavy rain and thunderstorms affect Hong Kong, the school will make the following arrangements in accordance to the announcement made by the Education Bureau:

Weather Condition Corresponding Measures
                    or Unless otherwise announced, under normal circumstances, classes should be held as usual.
                     or above


School is closed and students should stay home.


(2) When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.3/ Red or Black Rainstorm Waring is hoisted after school has started, classes will continue as usual. Under safe weather conditions, parents can chose to collect their child up from school at any time.


(3) We do advise if the rain is very heavy in your area, or if there is flooding, to keep your child at home as the weather can deteriorate quickly. Please listen to the radio, watch television, or visit the Hong Kong Observatory website for regular updates on the weather.