Principal’s Words

Hello everyone! I’m Principal Ma of Cheung Chuk Shan Kindergarten. On behalf of the School board, the School’s Supervisor, and our team, I’d like to express my warmest welcome to all families and children!

Our school provides the opportunity for children to unleash their potential and develop their aptitudes through diversified learning experiences. I firmly believe that every child has their very unique characteristics. With open opportunities and positive encouragement, we can create unlimited possibilities for their growth and development!

In addition, close cooperation between the school and families during a child’s educational journey will bring out the best outcomes in their learning and overall development. Through different communication channels, we provide parents with regular updates on their child’s development at school and ways to promote better parent-child relationships.

Together with all the stakeholders of our school, we work hand in hand to create a loving, caring, and respectful environment to groom our next generation with a bright childhood and future. We strive to assist children to establish positivity and become a pillar of society with noble sentiments to take on responsibilities and be able to apply their skills to overcome challenges and contribute to the country in the future.


FDBWA Cheung Chuk Shan Nursery and Kindergarten

Principal Ma