Child Safeguarding Policy

Our orrganisation is also the first school-sponsoring organisation in Hong Kong to support the establishment of the “Child Protection Policy”

Based on the principles of “child-centered” and “respecting children”, PLAN International and the Industry of early childhood education services are committed to caring for children’s all-round growth and development, with a focus on children’s well-being. In order to strengthen the protection of children’s safety and healthy physical and mental growth, our Organisation has formulated the “Child Protection Policy” with the assistance of the PLAN International. Our Organisation is also the first school-running organisation in Hong Kong to support the establishment of the “Child Protection Policy” and actively promote it. The child protection campaign allows child caregivers to refer to relevant procedures and guidelines, giving every child the right to be protected from all forms of abuse, harm, and exploitation.





Child Safeguarding Policy Framework

A. Policy

i. Demonstrate a public commitment to child safeguarding that applies to everyone in
the organisation
ii. Set up a clear code of conduct on behavior towards children
iii. Clearly designate people with a safeguarding role in the organisation

B. Procedures

a) More than one complaint route should be set up to make sure no one in the
organisation is immune to allegations of abuse.
b) A robust whistleblowing policy should be in place so that staff are able to report
abuse or suspicions of abuse without fear of retribution.
c) All children and families should have access to the information to seek help
within the organisation, and be informed of the progress of ongoing investigation
of institutional child abuse.
d) All incidents, allegations and complaints should be recorded, monitored and
stored properly for future reference and cooperation with external authorities on
child abuse.
e) Set a clear time scale on case conclusion for child abuse allegation in the
f) Staff in the organisation should be aware of the local procedures to promote the
welfare of children, mindful of information sharing procedures and make proper
referrals for appropriate service provision.
g) Measures should be taken to ensure children are well-protected during
investigation of allegation before the case is concluded (forbidding the alleged
abuser to gain access to children again)

C. People and culture

i. Safer recruitment
i. Partner assessment

D. Accountability

i. Involve children in their own protection
ii. Family participation
iii. Sanction measures and disciplinary actions