PTA Chairman’s Words

Hello, I am Macy, mother of K2 Tse Man Shan, Tse Man Hei, and K1 Tse Chung Hei.

It’s great to see that COVID is really over 🥳 Our children are able to go back to their regular physical programs, full-day school, school lunches, outdoor activities, etc. These were all used to be taken for granted, but now are so precious. ☺️

Kindergarten is our children’s first contact with school, the first time to enter the social life, the first time to leave their parents’ life process, I believe that every parent will be concerned and anxious. Our school often advocates “home-school cooperation”, which is aimed at the sake of the children, through more communication with parents, cooperate with each other, so that our children are in the most critical process of growth so that they are able to develop morally, physically, mentally, intellectually💪 comprehensively. In the new school year, we have learned that the school will organize more outdoor and parent-child activities. We would like to encourage all parents to actively participate in these activities and create more happy and beautiful memories with their children. 😍

This is the third year that I have participated in the PTA and I am honored to be elected as the Chairman of the PTA. I would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement, so that I, together with a group of dedicated organising committee members and parent volunteers, can give full play to the spirit of cooperation between home and school on the platform of the PTA and strive to be a bridge of communication between the school and the parents in order to serve both the school and parents. 😎

We wish you all the best of health and happiness. ☺️
Let’s wish our children a healthy and happy life!

Best regards,

Chairman Of Parent-Teacher Associations

Macy Ng