PTA Chairman’s Words

In the past two years, the pandemic caused a significant impact on school life. With the efforts contributed by school, teachers as well as parents, we have successfully overcome different difficulties, so that students are able to resume normal school life under a safe and happy learning environment.

Time flies by and the new academic year has begun! Parents and school are always playing a key role along children’s growth. To enhance collaboration in between, therefore, the “home-school cooperation” is critical. For the interest for our children, the school have given their best to organize diverse activities, in order to maintain relationship and encourage active interaction.

I am very proud  to have taken part in the Parent-Teacher Association for four consecutive years. This is an honour and I’m thankful to work with all great members in the committee. As the new Chairman in the upcoming Parent-Teacher Association , I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for trust and support given by the school and parents. Let’s work together to strive the best for our children.

May wish you all have a healthy and happy life ever.

Best regards,

Chairman Of Parent-Teacher Associations

Chow Chak Lun