About Schools

History of Five Districts Business Welfare Association

Five Districts Business Welfare Association (FDBWA) is a non-profit organisation, established in the early 90s to provide aids for the low-income individuals. In 1954, FDBWA was officially recognised as a charitable organisation, with the mission of “Caring for the Aged and the Young, Promoting Education and Nurturing Talented Students”. To expand the social welfare services, the association later established secondary schools, primary schools and early-childhood services.

Introduction to Kindergarten

Our school is a non-profit-making organisation, recognised by the Hong Kong Education Bureau as the “Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme” in 2017/18. In the early 1963, Cheung Chuk Shan Nursery, situated in Wang Tau Hom Estate, was found by the Five Districts Business Welfare Association (FDBWA), to provide long-day care service and education for local families. During 1988, the school was moved to Diamond Hill. Under the excel guidance by the school supervisor and our principal, the school has been constantly growing, and gradually the school has established multiple services for family needs, such as “Occasional Child Care Service”, “Extended Hours Service”, and “Integrated Programme for disabled children”.

Principal’s words

The mission of the FDBWA is “Caring for the Aged and the Young, Promoting Education and Nurturing Talented Students”. Growth is not only a matter for children, but also a matter for parents and teachers. We treat each child as a unique individual. We hope that parents and teachers can take care of every child from the “heart” and respect the personal development of every child.
Home-school cooperation provide parents with an important learning opportunity and growth platform. The school promotes home-school cooperation and achieves common goals in nurturing children, so that children have happy and wonderful life experiences that meet their development needs. None the less, we aim to cultivate children’s learning interests and good living habits to lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

Principal Claudia Luk