Service Brief

Day Child Care Services
We provide long day care service for children aged between 2 to 6 years old. We give children the opportunity to experience and master new knowledge through interactive learning activities. We arrange nutritionally balanced and healthy meals for children to promote healthy growth.

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Extended Hours Service
We provide extended hours service; mainly catered for dual-career families or families with exceptional requests. Children currently studying at our school are eligible to apply for this service if parents are unable to pick up their child within the day-time service hours.

Integrated Programme for disabled children/ On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services
Early intervention provides the support for children with special needs to make progress in their life skills and to assist them into mainstream learning. We accept children with mild disabilities aged below 6 years old and referral will be required by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) to apply for the service.

Our school works closely with the professional team and teachers of the “On-site Pre-school

Rehabilitation Service”(OPRS) to support students who are waiting for pre-school rehabilitation service.

The specially assigned kindergarten teachers provide individual or group training to students with special learning needs 2-3 times a month. Students may require follow-up training at operating institution for professional treatment.

Children aged 2-6 who are studying in our school and are determined to be eligible after evaluation must apply for the pre-school rehabilitation service/special child care center of the school through the Central Referral System of the Social Welfare Department, and be compiled by the central government according to the order on the waiting list.